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This product has not worked and it keeps charging my account 87.00 and another 89.00! I need this to stop! Add comment

total *** keeps charging me 100+ every 14days. don't even know for what? this is a big SCAM and all bull *** Green Coffee Bean Warning opens new browser window Do Not Buy Green Coffee Bean Until You Read This Green Coffee Warning. Green Coffee Weight Loss opens new browser window Green Coffee Beans Won't Work Until You Avoid These 5 Bad Health Foods. Top 10 Colon Cleansers opens new browser... Read more

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I had the same problem with them and my bank Chase called them while I was in the phone. Thankfully Chase helped me out and was able to make them at least give me a 50% refund. The guy who said he was a representative for the company said the refund was a "curtesy refund"! Because it wasn't their fault but wanted to mKe things right.... Plus I told them I was calling The Better Business Bureau to report them!! They got scared! The... Read more

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I ordered the purelife green coffee last month an they told me it was canceled but it still took money off my card this month idk who to contact about this situation some please contact me so I can stop the chargers please cause I haven't been receiving anything else in the mail of this product Add comment

Scam Company offered a lot of *** by phone and the stuff was never received. In two week you will received a charge and would not be able to get a REFUND from your BANK BECAUSE YOU ACCESS THE TERMS AND CO DIOS FROM THAT COMPANY. BE AWARE THAT THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY DONE BUY NOTHING FROM THEM. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!! Read more

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I canceled the trial within the 14 days (10 days to be exact) and they still charged my card! In addition, when I selected the option to send back the unused portion of the Green Coffee ***, they reverted back to the option of making me pay for the entire bottle. I tried calling multiple times and could never get a hold of a person, just a recording. Heres the number from my bank statement: 8883150527. I went back to the website and read through... Read more

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I just lost my job and can not afford this procuct any more. Please provide me with a phone number to cancel. The product does not work and even if it did, i can not afford it. I would really appreciate someone contacting me to resolve ths issue so I dont have to continue to pay something i can not afford and doesn't work. I do not want to take this to a higher level but if need be, I will. The product may work for others but it hasnt for me... Read more

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Have cancel 3 times with Premier Green Coffee. Still receiving product. Add comment

Rip off! Called to cancel and the automated option to cancel gives you an option to cancel WITHOUT disclosing there will be a fee charged on your credit card immediately. Spoke to their customer service rep and he was unhelpful saying there is nothing they can do. Add comment

What ever you do DO NOT order anything from this company. It is a RIP OFF of major PROPORTIONS. First you get the free order (you pay shipping) and before you know it your credit card is being hit for $78 and change for another order. What *** me off is the *** does NOT work, and you have to hunt around for a phone number to call to cancel. The credit card company had a phone number on my account (the shipping company) that turned out to be... Read more

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